Monday, August 28, 2006

Game Week: We Have Arrived

Six more days.

Let me say that again. Six more days until Navy and East Carolina open the season at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium (and only 4 days until the college football season officially begins.)

We've spent our spring and summer waiting, waiting for some tidbit of information that could shed a light on our team's upcoming campaign. We've suffered through the cold, desolate months and were reborn- if for only a few weeks- with the prospect of spring practices. We've all read our preseason publications countless times and our Phil Steele magazines are falling apart at the spines. We've heard the 'experts' weigh-in and we've debated the scenarios amongst ourselves. We've watched the practices and seen the scrimmages, all attaching ourselves to a particular mindset but all hoping for the same final outcome. And now, we wait. We wait as if we were waiting for a play, living in the seconds between the snaps, waiting in anticipation of the runners first cut, holding our breathes between the passes and the catches. Here anything is possible, a victory is never of reach. Here all 119 teams has a chance to win; each Div I-A team, from the powerhouses of Ohio St. or USC, to the flailing programs of Temple or Buffalo, have the potential to be something more, something special. This is college football. This is the pageantry, the excitement, the action, the rivalries, the drama, the violence, and the spirit of competition. Here is everything that draws us to this great game and so much more, and today I am happy to say welcome, and I'm glad you're along for the ride.


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