Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Evolving Roster

With the recent departure of Kyle Kimbro from the program, and the realization that Tyree Barnes hasn't recovered from off-season surgery as well as first thought, both Troy Goss and Kaipo have been getting reps in at Wide Receiver. As revealed by the newest depth chart, Goss is listed as the third string wide receiver, and Kaipo as the second string quarterback. Despite this, Coach Johnson recently maintained (in his Monday press release) that both Kaipo and Troy would continue seeing action at receiver. While this could simply be a case of Goss playing well at wideout, one has to wonder if Coach Johnson is leaning towards Kaipo for the quarterback role next season.

Other noticeable changes include the battle for Right Tackle, in which Andrew McGinn and Josh Meek look neck-and-neck for the control of the starting job. Senior Joe Person, who saw considerable action last season, is listed behind both. Freshmen linebacker Ian Merdith has moved up into the three-deep at OLB, while Nate Frazier is listed behind Wright and Cylc at DT. Unfortunately, it looks like uber-recruit Andy Lark will miss the opener. That's right fans of opposing teams, we have uber-recruits.

It's also been revealed that backup linebacker Kieth Lisante has quit the team, but will remain at the Academy and pursue his degree. Lisante, a Junior who was highly touted out of high school, was listed behind Rob Caldwell at the ILB spot before his departure.

More updates on the changing roster later this week...

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