Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tuesday Night Walkthrough

If you've listened to the preseason smack at all this offseason, you've probably heard about the "three frigginly awesome former 3 star's on rivals" JUCO transfers out of East Carolina. I, for one, have yet to buy into the hype, and it looks like I'll be keeping the 'ol wallet in the back pocket for the time being. That's right folks, WLB Orlando Farrow has broken up the dream team, suffering an Achilles injury yesterday which will likely put him out for the season. While I don't wish injury on any college or pro athlete, this does put ECU in somewhat of a bind defensively. Farrow will seek a medical redshirt this year, although it's uncertain if he will be granted the exemption. As for Skip Holtz's defense, he will be forced to plug in Redshirt Freshman Van Eskridge, who seems to combine one last name into a first and lastname. All we need is a “Dr.” before his name and we’re set.

The one and only Dr. Van Nostram

Speaking of ECU, look what I found on the internet. Some "bloggers" seem to be think the Pirates will steamroll Navy 35-0. Haha, yes, I thought it was a joke myself when I saw it. Now I realize Navy could very well lose this game, but 35-0? C'mon guys, aren’t you aware that the lowest point total scored by Navy last year was 20 against one of the ACC's best defenses in Maryland?

It seems as though I've completely forgotten to post the latest Depth Chart. My apologies, and it can be found hyah, by the way. Notable changes? Well for starters, Zerb Singleton has moved into the starting Slot Back role opposite Reggie Campbell, no doubt in part due to his performance in Saturday's scrimmage. Hopefully this will motivate Trey Hines to work back from whatever injuries keep plaguing him. Also, a three way tie for backup Quarterback has developed between Troy Goss, Kaipo, and Jarrod Bryant (I've officially thrown myself completely on the Jarrod Bryant bandwagon btw.) After a very physical scrimmage, 5-7 corner Ketric Buffin has moved into the starting rover position, while uber-recruited linemen Nate Frazier and Andy lark remain behind Wright and Cylc at D-Tackle.

And for your viewing pleasure, the latest Paul Johnson comedic standup tour...er, press report is up. Apparently Joey Bullen hit a 57 yard field goal in practice. Sweet.

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Navy86 said...

Those ECU guys should be taken with a half a grain of salt. They also think they'll beat West Virginia and shut out NC State. Ain't happenin'....