Thursday, August 17, 2006

BlogPoll Out

In case you havn't noticed by now, Brian's Week 1 BlogPoll has been released. While I have already discussed my ballot, it seems I wasn't the only one who voted for Navy.

Navy had a strong opening showing on the poll, garnering 8 total votes in the Top 25 (as high as 19th). Here's how it broke down, and why each bogger went with the Midshipmen:

Black Shoes Diary( Penn State), #19
I like Navy this year. They went 8-4 last year and return 16 players from that team. Their toughest game looks to be Notre Dame in Baltimore.

Bruce Ciski (Wisconsin), #23

Conquest Chrinicles (USC), #22

Strong running game. My sentimental pick

Dawg Sports (Georgia), #22

Paul Johnson is a proven commodity as a coach and the Midshipmen return a multitude of starters in the midst of the U.S.N.A.'s best run of success in a long time. If you're not rooting for the Mids this season, you're simply not a good American.

Golden Tornado (Georgia Tech), #23

Maize n Brew (Michigan), #25

Triple-option attack! Navy returned just about EVERYONE. While usually Navy's good for a good scare of a quality program, they could legitimately beat Notre Dame this year. There is experience and excellent coaching. And dammit, these boys are disciplined!

Pitch Right (Me), #21

Because I can

There was actually one other vote for Navy at #23, but looking over the bloglisting I couldn't find out who (most likely due to some late-ballot entry or other technological breakdown of the sorts). So, If you want me to sing your praises before Navy fans all over the internet, feel forward to step forth.
While it's true the first ballot is the most "sentimental" of the ballots cast, I think we can expect to see Navy ranked in the Top 40 for the rest of the preseason. Don't be surprised if some Domer blogs cast a vote at Navy for 25 next week, (ahem, Brian, cough, Pat) seeing as though I was one of 8 balloters to go with the Irish at #1.

And now, a rather pathetic attempt at a subliminal messege:


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