Sunday, November 04, 2007

The View from the Stands

I spent the entire flight back this morning trying to think of something poetic to say. I'm still thinking, and as I spend the afternoon trying to finish up odds and ends I continue to ponder the right words to say about Saturday evening. I'll let you know if I come up with anything, but for now, this will have to do:

Random Navy fans were hugging me, Notre Dame fans shaking our hands and offering us congratulations, and I even had a "Yes!" shouting match with some kid who ran up to me at some point during the celebration. In all, it was the mot amazing thing I've ever witnessed at a sporting event, and maybe even in my whole life. I only wish every Navy fan could of been there in that cold twilight yesterday evening, because God knows there are many more individuals who have suffered through this streak on a much deeper, longer level than I could even imagine. Like Paul Johnson said, this one is for you guys.


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Gary said...

How sweet to have been there!
Did you leave the ticket intact?
Where were your seats (from NAAA I would assume)?
Where did you stay and for how long and did you have any Navy festivities (parties) the night before?
I am curious because I want to go there for our 3rd straight in 2 years and get all the logistics from someone who knows.
I would say the crowd was respectful-yet still shocked.
I was surprised really as I thought even though its on their field that they would have given the team a rousing cheer and send off for its 43 years of trying (guess thats too respectful eh?).
I just wish we had more there to charge the field but that looked controlled- any chance you got down there?
We all knew the day had to was just a matter of beating the grim reaper to see it.
For those who could not survive I am sure the gates were painted in Blue & Gold up there.
Great time-great stories-great people all on these blogs...
Lovin it- but still