Monday, November 19, 2007

AAR: NIU at Navy

I spent the better part of two days trying to think of something insightful to say about this game, and actually even started to write the same old after action report that you've undoubtedly seen in every paper and Internet report you've read since Sunday morning. Basically, Jarod was efficient, the defense didn't suck as much as usual, and God gave Ross Posposil the virtue of hitting people. Hard. Let's just leave it at that, shall we?


Anonymous said...

Jarod was efficient? 139 yards IS efficient I guess, if your purpose is to bury recognition for an excellent performance.

For the JB detractors, regarding JB's " luke-warm " skills at pitching the ball. I looked at the tape, play by play and I'd say he did an excellent job on that too. Unless what " the Board " wants him to do is to stand on one hand and pitch it with his feet. He certainly met my expectations and I'd like for you to forward to him my appreciation for a job well done. Or isn't it in style for a pundit to do that these days.

Adam said...

Since when is being efficient a bad thing? Last I checked I was one of the more vocal Jarod Bryant fans out there...

Anonymous said...

It's not a bad thing, its "faint praise ". He deserved more.

football dad dan said...

Jarod Bryant had a solid performance for his 1st full game no doubt --> 139 yds/27 carries, 60 yds passing on 3 of 6 throws, and ZERO turnovers, ... but he was only "efficient" because the Navy defense managed to hold up their end of the bargin & made 4/5 stops.

Any other game this season where Navy FAILED to generate a score on four different possessions (I counted 3 & out punts + the one failed 4th down conversion in the NIU game) would have been disastorous (aka ... like the WF game ... where it was JB @ the helm coincidentially ... hmmm...?).
Bryant is a tuff & elusive runner, ... but the playbook is cut down significantly when he is @ QB (see the very informative thebirddog post) ---> When Navy cannot fully employ the PJ triple option offense, ... we do miss alot, ... especially in terms of "efficiency", ... so perhaps "Anony" is correct for taking you to task on equating JB to "efficient". Comprende?
Thought that Gary was the true "vocal" JB fan out there??? (o;

JFH said...

Hmmm, Is it Bryant's fault or is it PJ for reducing the number of types of plays run? I thought Johnson was too conservative, but he could afford to be because of the way the defense played

Mike said...

Do you honestly think that PJ would hold back if he didn't have to?

Adam said...

What am I suppose to say, that "Jarod was absolutely brilliant"?

Jarod played well and led the team to what I think is being agreed upon to be a rather unspectacular win (not saying that's a bad thing mind you.) He ran the ball hard, did not have any turnovers, and made plays in key situations. He was effecient.

I don't understand what the big deal is. I give credit to Jarod all the time. I don't think Johnson was more conservative. He just called a lot less triple option, which highlights Jarod's inside running ability.

Anonymous said...

Adam, it ain't a big deal. It evidently is with someone. Efficient is a complimentary word. Wish I were more efficient on the job for if so, I would not be typing this. Thanks for your dedication to Navy football.

football dad dan said...


BINGO! (o;

Was initially just trying to put a little "sense/reflective thought" into why "Anonymous" felt the need to slam your post. PITCH RIGHT is here to let us express opinions, ... even dissenting ones??? I agree (with all) that JB deserves a big BZ for a solid performance, ... but I'm glad that the defense actually forced NIU into a few punts, ... otherwise the outcome of the game would not have been a joyous one for Navy.


football dad dan said...

Anonymous, ... "Me thinks thou doth protest too much" ... --> Re-read your first two posts. I think that it was kinda a "big deal" for you, ... but I have no problema with that. I'm guessing you read something into Adam's post that probably he didn't mean (to imply) and you responded.
I'm guilty of that way more times than I'd like to admit, ... but damn if I'm going to run away from a debate. (o;


Gary said...

Hey I like JB too (and so does Adam and FB Dad)and thought he did an excellent job and deserved better than efficient.
I thought the reigns were pulled in on him and if he were alowed to do some of the plays that Kaipo did and run as much as he did he may have broke the single game record for QB in rushing for us.

Wow - WTH were all these JB guys when Bird Dog was making me eat my lunch for being PRO JB (actually BD always made good points)while I was just more a "JB guy" than Kaipo.

Regardless its nice to see we have these 2 excellent and efficient QB`s for next year too (too bad one was not a Sophomore).

Gary said...

For all those wondering ...No I did not change my identity to anonymous.

But its great to see there is more support than all the guys on this post for JB...

tmurph48 said...


My apologies for being a bit peckish. We ( including me ) love you and appreciate your good work! I think we have the best of all worlds with Kaipo and JB both being available for duty!

Adam said...

Thanks for the kind words gentleman, it's been great generating this level of discussion as of late.

Gary said...

Not to restir the pot here but I went to USA Today site and read about PJ`s assesment of JB`s performance and it boarded on "ok" to "I run things differently when he is in there".
That leads me to think
1. PJ does not have as much confidence in JB as he says he does.

2. Why did you run things differently when he was in there?

Those comments lead you to believe that no matter what happens JB will never be the starter (is there real competition for the position or what?).

Also WHY did you run things differently for JB?

Is it fear that maybe too much success would have led to a QB contraversy?

I dont know why I bring this up again but for some reason I thought like doing it (a poop stirrer perhaps).

I would have let this die except for the way the comments PJ made were presented in that site which almost harkens us back to the original start of it all by anonymous.

Maybe JB did not get enough praise as we had hoped for?

football dad dan said...

Gary my Man ---> You must not be reading (and "retaining") the info in any of these Navy football posts this season???
Bryant does not run the "true" PJ triple option offense anywhere near as skillfully/fluidly/efficiently as Kaipo does (mainly because he hasn't mastered the "reads" yet) ... so when he is in the game, coach Johnson simplifies the called plays to cut down on the number of reads, etc... JB has to make. He also calls the plays to take advantage of JB's skills as an inside-the-tackles runner (not a strength of Kaipo). This takes the normal "8 cylinder" PJ TO "O" & basically turns it into a "4/6 cylinder" vehicle --> Not as complicated/unpredictable for the opposition to defend against.
So when Kaipo isn't @ the helm, ... the Navy offense loses some of it's potentcy. NIU stopped us on 4 seperate possessions ... I can probably count on one hand the number of times Navy had been stopped when Kaipo was QB'ing (disregarding the Rutgers game) for all the other games combined.
Comprende muchacho??? No conspiracy against Jarod Bryant!