Thursday, November 08, 2007

Thursday's North Texas Coverage

I apologize in advance, but there will be no "Scouting North Texas" segment today or tomorrow. Real Life is momentarily getting in the way, and, despite the fact that I'm sure this will end up all over the North Texas bulletin boards by this afternoon's practice, we are in fact talking about North Texas here. Translation? I can't cut into my normal work load to preview a Sun Belt team.

Long story short, they have a good pass offense, we have a bad defense, and if you put two and two together that could mean bad news for Navy. If you need more info, I'd go ahead and consult The Bird Dog.

I will however be live blogging the game on Saturday afternoon, so I invite everyone to at least check in during the action. If you're watching the game you'll be on the Internet anyway, so be sure to stop by. Until then, I'll mostly be posting links I come accross.

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