Thursday, November 29, 2007

Stolen Goats

Must be Youtube day over ath Pitch Right. This tells the whole story...

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Gary said...

This is off the topic but ADAM

How freakin nice was it to see Louisville return the favor to obnoxious Rutgers and the newborn Scarlet Nation???
It almost brought tears of laughter and joy to us watching it here and the looks on Schianos face?
This from a team with newfound success thinking they would be a Top 10 team and start expanding their stadium to 66,000 seats as if they were friggin Michigan!!
Well hope they enjoy their pathetic Ice Bowl in Toronto against some MAC school that they should be able to beat on.
Now we start to hear Rice may be bailing on them too.
Is it too early to say I look forward to seeing them in Annaplois next year for some serious butt kicking revenge?