Sunday, November 04, 2007

I Was There

That was the most amazing sporting event I have ever even had the privilege to hear about, much less attend. Amazing, simply amazing.


Doug said...

That picture is my new desktop - thanks!

Anonymous said...


Glad you could be there. Must have been incredible! I know I couldn't believe it watching on TV. That might be the most exciting football game I have ever seen.

Great win Navy!

1985 Domer said...

Congratulations Navy. It has been an honor and privelege to have you on our schedule. Streak or no, that was by far and away the best game I have ever seen at ND Stadium. I knew it was a matter of time for the streak to be broken, this was a most fitting way for it to be done. GO NAVY!

Adam said...

Thanks '85 Domer. I think I speak for all Navy fans that the ND faithful were outstanding hosts, and it was a privilege to watch a game with such knowledgeable and classy fans. I really hope the Irish can win out the rest of the way, and look forward to another great game next year.