Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ominous Words from Bill Wagner

Via his Navy Sports Blog...

Kaheaku-Enhada, who sat out the home finale against Northern Illinois, seemed to be moving quite well in practice this week so perhaps this is much adieu about nothing. However, don't be shocked if he undergoes surgery during the offseason.

Personally, I'm worried. I don't want this to sound like a shot at him, but it seems like Coach Johnson always under-reports the injuries to the media. I know he's doing his job, but ever since that whole DeJuan Price fiasco a year ago I tend to take "week to week" to mean "out indefinitely." Am I just being cynical, or has anyone else noticed this?


Mike said...

I don't think he underreports as much as he is just limited in what he can say due to Privacy Act concerns. I think it was pretty straightforward when Jeff, Clint, & Ketric went out. And Rashawn.

Anonymous said...

Coach Johnson doesn't like to tip his hand. That's just his style. As for Wagner, I'm surprised he doesn't know the distinction between "adieu" and "ado." Maybe his editor went to Army.