Thursday, November 15, 2007

Jarod Bryant Will Start Vs. Northern Illinois

...via report on Bill Wagner's blog.


football dad dan said...

You must be in "7th Heaven" right now??? (o;
Hoping that Jarod has a great game, ... and that the Navy Dee can come up with some good stops.

Beat NIU!!!

Gary said...

I just got to this at 2:41 @ work and my line was going to be for all to enjoy

"I have no problem with this"....(Thanks for thinking of me FB Dad)

Lets hope he does have a great game and that Kaipo mends well for Army.

Regardless --the way the Army O looked- even they may have trouble against our D (now thats a bold statement eh?.

JB/Kaipo- I cannt see Army presenting too much of a problem...that doesnt mean to insult the spirit and dedication of all the players but we are in a different "league" with them.

For now GO JB Beat NIU.

Boatnsail said...

Glad to see Jarod get a start. I hope K is OK. This O has us expecting mega-yardage every weekend, let's hope it continues.

football dad dan said...

Don't go "short-changing" Army too quickly ---> They acyually possess a well balanced offense, one of the better ranked return teams (punt & KO) in the country, ... plus a hard-hitting defense that swarms to the ball, ... and is very familiar with combatting the Navy triple option.
Last year, ... they shouldn't even been on the same field with Navy, ... but Army completely out-played the Big Blue the entire first half (Navy was lucky to go into the locker room tied @ 7), ... and until those two INT's & safety midway through the 4th quarter, ... the game was up for grabs.
Kaipo/Jarod??? ---> Hopefully they will both be @ 100%, and ready to play great/error-free football on Dec 1st.