Thursday, June 22, 2006

Blog, Blogs, Blogs...

I've decided to add a few more Blogs to the "Links" section of the sidebar. Basically, the Blogs featured over there are ones I check on a daily basis, but I found it appropriate to add some College Football blogs that have been out there that i really haven’t started checking until recently.

The first is Burnt Orange Nation, the premier Texas Football blog on the 'net. While I'm really not a fan of Texas, I like the daily YouTube finds and I like the fact that they get interviews with some of the big whigs (for instance,’s Ivan Miesel.)

I've also decided to link the MgoBlog, which is the biggest Michigan blog around. Surprisingly, a view of the blog doesn't display much about Michigan at the present, consisting mostly of NHL and World Cup News. These guys really are into the World Cup thing (me? not so much...), and got my attention when, after the USA's tie to Italy, proclaimed that we should "bomb them [Uruguay] into the stone age." (The referee who screwed the US over was from Uruguay). These guys also run the Blog Poll, which I hope to be apart of next season. That’s right, Notre Dame at #1 every week and Navy starting at #25 and moving up with every win. Oh yea...

The third blog I'm going to be adding is the brand spanking new Block U. Because Pitch Right didn't carry any links to MWC blogs I thought I should add these Orson Swindle Wannabe's (aren’t we all) to the list.

I have also added a link to PhatPhelix's Navy Football videos (on Youtube) to the linkbar under "Navy Sites."

If you have a college football blog you think should be my links go ahead and send me the link and I'll put it right on. I only ask that you do the same and link Pitch Right on your own blog. And don't forget that there is a standing call to arms for anyone interested in helping out Pitch Right in any capacity, be it writing, researching, or analyzing any aspect of the college game. You don't even have to be a Navy fan.