Friday, June 02, 2006

More Fallout from the Meineke Bowl Deal is really having a field day with this story, and why shouldn't they? After 3 consecutive winning seasons, this deal does much to cement the return of Navy football as a winning program. Kevin Kinder of the West Virignia staff wrote in an article that the deal was yet another serious blow to a conference that has been struggling to find it's place in the BCS world. Then came another story from, this one by the entire staff predicting a Navy matchup with Boston College in next year's Meineke Car Care Bowl. (On a side not, I really love how GoMids does these predication things, they make the off-season go by so much faster). The scenario calls for a 21-20 Navy victory while pulling a "New Mexico" at the end and with Reggie Campbell once again winning the Game MVP. Nice story, but I'm not so sure we get Boston College In the Bowl Game, and of course first we have to become Bowl-eligible. Remember, this team hasn't done anything yet. It seems rather absurd at this point to even talk BCS, but I guess nobody wants to leave any possabilites out.


Navy94 said...

I've really got to wonder though, does this deal make sense? Originally they played in Houston, San Fran, and San Diego because they felt they would get good active Navy support from nearby bases. But what does Charolette have to offer?

Sure Norfolk isn't that far away, but weren't they working a deal with Poinsettia Bowl also? Wouldn't San Diego offer far better local support? What if there aren't enough fans to sell the tickets in NC? I mean at least Houston and San Francisco offer a fun get-away for people having to travel a bit.

I think I'm a little disappointed in this deal.

Mr. A said...

Right now, to be honest, there is so much chatter coming from Navy, the Big East, and the Bowls, I'm really not quite sure how this all works out. Some WVU fans were claiming that this deal was only for contingency in case both WVU and Louisville made the BCS because of the new BCS Bowl. That's however not what came out of the official reports.

The fact that this is an East Coast Bowl is important not only for moving local fans (like me) and the Brigade in force to the game, but also of expanded our recruiting options in another part of the country. This is only a one year option as of now, so we can probably look for the Poinsettia in 2007, and as GoMids is indicating, the (Phoenix) in 2008.

Basically I’m just excited that I will be able to get to the game this year, although granted our fans on the West Coast will be missing out. However I think Chet wants to move us around the country for exposure, and frankly I don’t blame him!


Anonymous said...

Local base support is overrated. I bet we sell 25000+ for this game.

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