Monday, June 05, 2006

The Daily Read

Hold the mayo and get the dressing on the side 'cause we're going light today, more analysis later this week. For now, some interesting things of note...

  • The Pensacola News Journal has released an article about the rise of Navy athletics (in particular football) over the past 4 years. Standard stuff pretty much, although some may find it interesting that "Florida State tried to arrange a game with Navy in Jacksonville. Coach Bobby Bowden placed a call." I remember hearing something along those lines, but it caught me a little off guard. Personally, I hate the FSU program, hate the coach, and aside from this fine piece of Slovakian Beauty, don't really care for the place. Aside from that, FSU, as it stands, would beat us, and that would be bad. Another interesting note to make about the article is that of Navy's fan base. While large, one has to admit the Institution has a rather small active fan base online. 1 Official Site (, 1 Unofficial Sight with message Board (, and 1 Semi-acclaimed Blog (Yours Truly here at Pitch Right) make up the extent of updated Navy Sports internet content.

Even Jenn Sterger isn't incentive enough to destroy those FSU convicts

  • continues slugging through its previews of all 117 Div 1A teams. Today featured Connecticut, which I feel may be this year's biggest trap game. I don't like going up their to play a team that features such a good running game and strong defense. Let's hope that the O-line problems persist and the QB situation remains in swing all year long.
  • Notre dame continues the annexation of New Jersey, with yet another major NJ recruit from the class of 2007 signing with the Irish. This time DE Justin Trattou, who from here on out is to be known as Tratteaux. The good news? Yet another NJ recruit Rutgers and Coach Schiano fail to get. Bad news? Coach Weis and Notre Dame aren’t just reloading, they’re on full blown auto with an infinite clip.
  • lists its 100 Top High School Seniors-to-Be. Why you should care, I have no idea, unless your interested in learning the extent of talent that Navy will have to overcome to beat Notre Dame in the coming years.

More fun later this week


Phelix said...

Yeah, I remember when the Florida State talk started up. The Gator Bowl Association has made a few pushes to get Navy to play in Jacksonville too while they look for more games to bring to the stadium. They tried to bring a Navy-Notre Dame game to Jacksonville several years ago. Actually, it appears they might eventually end up being succesful on that one.

I don't think Chet ever seriously considered the game. Most of the talk about it came from Florida State and Gator Bowl people, but not NAAA. I can't say I'm particularly upset that it never materialized. On the other hand, it we could make it a home & home and get the Seminoles to come to Annapolis, I might like the idea a little more. But not much.

I heard humors that we might get Syracuse back on the schedule, but again that's something I've heard from Syracuse people and not Navy people. I'm hoping that as we move forward we can get some of our traditional opponents back on the schedule like Syracuse and Virginia. Keeping in mind, of course, our scheduling philosophy. I like the upcoming Pittsburgh series for the same reason.

Anonymous said...

What do you think about
UVA once every four years and UMD once every four years? Neutral site would be fine with me or even home and home would be good.

phelix said...

I don't know about something that regular. I was thinking more along the lines of the deal we have with Stanford now. Home & home, move on to the next team. For us the next team was supposed to be Cal, but they had to back out. Just as well for us... Looking at next year's schedule, we're at Rutgers, at Connecticut, at Pittsburgh, and at Notre Dame. I don't care what the talking heads say, that's a tough schedule.

Looking at the future, we just extended our series with Rutgers, will play at least two more games with UConn after this year, have 4 games with Pitt, 4 games with ECU, 2 or 4 games with Wake Forest, the onesie with Hawaii, and I think we owe Washington a game in Seattle after cancelling our 2003 contest. That's a pretty good schedule for us, so we don't want to go too crazy just to get some "name-brand" schools on the schedule.

Mr. A said...

Phat, we also have a series coming up with SMU if I'm not mistaken. They're one of those teams that should play some good ball down in C-USA this year.

I wouldn't mind seeing a series with MD or UVA, although its not my call of course. Both have been in enough of a slump that I wouldn't rule off Navy upsets (if you could call them that) in either.

phelix said...

I agree that SMU could be a decent team again soon.

Anonymous said...

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