Friday, June 30, 2006

Navy 2006 Commit List Out has released the official 2006 commit list of players who will be joining the Navy Football Team for the 2006 campaign. Of the 50 young men featured, 19 of them hail from the football-prospect factory we call Texas.

If your interested in learning more about these recruits and discussing what this means, I would recommend heading over to the message board. There you will see a list of PS numbers I have posted to go along with the recruits. Hopefully my busy schedule won't keep me away from the subject too long, and I'll be able to say a few more words on this next week.

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Kyle King said...

This is somewhat off-topic, for which I hope you will pardon me, but, over at Dawg Sports, I have posted a poll question that started a discussion that may be of interest to Navy fans . . . which non-B.C.S. team has the best chance of making it to a B.C.S. bowl?

Since the Midshipmen are among the contenders, I thought y'all might be interested in stating the case for the U.S. Naval Academy.