Friday, June 09, 2006

What the Hell?

So I just got a letter in the mail from the NAAA saying that my tickets to the 2006 Army-Navy game have been "downgraded" from club seats to regular. I must say, I and my father are very disappointed over this development. As loyal season ticket holders, we understand and welcome the increased support for Navy athletics, but why should we be the ones to be downgraded? Frankly, I would understand and accept the move if I knew exactly who was getting these new seats, but the fact that I received a letter from an independent ticket broker (Stage Front) offering the SAME SEATS for 325 bucks a pop infuriates me. Did anyone else get any letter(s) of the sort?

Interesting that they sent such a letter on a Friday…

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Navy94 said...

I have not received that letter, however I opted not to go for the upgrade after what happened to me at the Maryland game last year.

I generally have great lower level seats for Army-Navy (30 yard line, 10-15 rows up on the Navy side.

I requested the upgrade to club level for MD last year but I stated that I did not want to "upgrade" to club level if they would be end zone if I would have similar lower level seats. And they stuck it to me into the end zone.

I will say however that at most NFL stadiums the NFL season ticket holders generally have the first option at any event at that stadium because the NFL tickets cost WAY more than college. My company has Ravens season tickets and they got WAY better seats than me as a regular season ticket holder to Navy.

My point is that more Eagles season ticket holders may have opted for the tickets leaving fewer for Army & Navy than they had predicted or hoped for. So therefore you might have been downgraded simply because they didn't have as many club level seats as they were expecting to have.

Sorry, though you should have great lower level seats because of this.