Monday, June 26, 2006

Wolke says "Adios" to Irish

Junior backup QB David Wolke has confirmed that he will be transferring from Notre Dame this season. The news comes after a spring where the 6-2, 195 pound Tennessee product had fallen in the depth chart behind Brady Quinn, Evan Sharpley and newcomer Zach Frazier. While Notre dame remains very deep at Quarterback, the position looks to be incredibly inexperienced come next season, even with the advent of the #1 High School player in America, Jimmy Clausen. This further lends to the my own theory that 2007 presents the best chance for Navy to knock off the Irish. Good luck to David at whatever school he decides to attend, he was highly touted out of High School and could excel at any other school in the nation.

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Navy94 said...

Don't give up on us winning in 2006 just yet. We've got a lot of experience back and ND might just be a little too overconfident with all the national press doting over them.

In 2005 Lamar had a bad game of trying to string out the option too close to the sideline making it ineffective. The DE or CB could cover both the QB and pitch man because they were cornered at the sideline.

We still have to see how Hampton develops but we've got a lot of potential this season.