Tuesday, June 20, 2006

News and Notes

CFN.com continues through it's 119 team Division I-A previews today, taking a look at both Army and Air Force. Both paint a rather promising picture for the two SA's, with CFN in particular touting the potential on Air Force QB Shaun Carney (who by the way was the most efficient passer in Div 1A). This has been a reoccurring theme in many a preseason magazines, and it looks as if Air Force's success will be dictated by the play of their Junior Quarterback. CFN puts Air Force's "Key game" against Wyoming, but I think the season is really made or broken depending on how the team matches up against Navy. There is a perception in the National Media that Navy is the Top SA right now, and going off the Air Force model, that both Air Force and Army are both sitting in the dregs of Div 1-A. Air Force needs to break that myth this season, and while a winning season certainly is the goal, I would think the game that has the big red circle next to it is the October 8th matchup with Navy. Air Force, with any luck, will be going into that game 2-1 with wins over New Mexico and Wyoming, and a loss against Navy will only complicate things for the Falcons as they move into the tough part of the MWC schedule.

Not much to say of the Army preview, other then that I think the Black Knights should be able to pull off 6 wins this year and achieve boll eligibility. There are 5 games against horrible teams (Arkansas State, Rice, VMI, Kent State, Tulane) and then 3 games Army has a shot at an upset (Air Force, at Connecticut, at Bylor).

Switching gears, Navy football returns to Camden yards this weekend, with David Mahoney, Joe Cylc, and Matt Hall signing autographs Friday night, and Rob Caldwell, Brian Hmpton, and James Rossi signing autographs Saturday. As the kids say, "So there."

Switching gears again, CSTV has lined up a program block called "Midshipmen Mondays" which will feature past Navy football games and coverage of Navy athletics and history. Just another reason to get CSTV.

Lastly, Navy has been ranked 42nd by Athlons, 48th by The Sporting News, and 64th by Lindy's in Preseason polls.

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