Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Pitch Right Wants Your Help!

Lately I haven't been able to write as much commentary on the upcoming season as I would like too, and it's come to my attention that I could use a little help around here. That's why I'm putting this out...

Are you a Navy football fan? Are you a college football fan? Want to write for one of the CF blogspheres most up-and-coming Blogs on a weekly or monthly basis? If so, please send me and email or leave a comment with your own Email address.

I'm looking for anyone really, a casual fan, a serious fan, an Insider (yea I wish)...Hell I don't even care if your really a Navy fan. It would be cool if you had at least some writing experience, but a basic understanding of English is all that's required. Anyways, if someone is really interested let me know...

That being said, here is a tentative schedule for the coming weeks...
21-27: Same old show, whatever comes up will be reported, starting to collect scouting reports on other teams.
28-3: Begin with a team by team breakdown of the bad guy (opposing teams)
4-10: Same old same old
11-17: Start Game by Game Pre-Season Preview

In addition, as the only Navy blogger online, I will be lending my services to other Blogs as a scouting report, including our friend at The House That Rock Built. If your team is playing Navy next year and you own a blog for said team, I'd be happy to provide whatever info you may want to gather.

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