Thursday, May 11, 2006

Caldwell, Rossie Named Captains

A belated Congradulations to Senior Linebacker Rob Caldwell and Senior Center James Rossi on being named Captains for the 2006 Football Season.


Navy94 said...

Isn't it interesting that Brian Hampton wasn't selected as a captain? Hopefully the #2 QB will get some playing time this year so we don't go into the 4th season in a row with a first year starting senior at QB

Mr. A said...

I though Hampton would be selected Co-Captain as well, and also though David Mahoney had a good shot at Defensive Captain. From what I hear, Kaipo is the bets athelete out of the 4 quarterbacks, but has arguably the weakest arm (I can't judge, admittidly I've never seen him throw the ball.) Right now, Goss is probobly the top canidate for '07, since he will likely be the backup In '06. After that who knows...Both Kaipo and Mr. Football (Bryant) will be sophmores next year. All in all though, more talent coming In is a good thing, we have nowhere to go but up.

Anonymous said...

Kaipo was pretty good in the spring game. He wasn't as comfortable running the offense (not really a surprise) but he's a great athlete who can make plays. Goss wasn't as flashy in the spring game, but seems fairly effective.

Because of the rainy conditions we didn't see too much passing in the spring game so it is hard to tell. Hampton was effective enough last season that we should be fine. I just don't want any more first year starters at QB who are seniors.

Anonymous said...

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