Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Omar, Bob, and John get more Listeners (hopefully)

The Naval Academy has announced that it has signed a deal with Bonneville Radio to broadcast Football, basketball, and Lacrosse games. Basically, what this means is that Navy games can now be listened to by more audiences in DC and Northern Virginia. Washington Post Radio (1500 AM, 107.7 FM) will carry 10 Navy football games in addition to any postseason action, while Federal news Radio (1050 AM) will carry all 12 regular season games, plus at least 10 basketball games and four lacrosse games. Navy football games can still be heard on WNAV (1430 AM) and my personal favorite WBAL (1090 AM) for those in the Baltimore/DC metro area.

Obviously more radio exposure certainly helps Navy athletics, especially a basketball program that is trying to get on its feat and a lacrosse program which continually ranks up in the Top 10. That being said, I'm not sure that this translates into that many more listeners, as I personally know the choice programs for Northern VA on Saturday afternoon's in the fall are the Virginia and Virginia Tech games. The real plus for us hardcore fans are a weekly "Navy Magazine" show (what exactly does that mean?) and a 60 minute pregame and 30 minute postgame show. Do not fret however, as the Boneville deal includes the extension of the Navy Football Radio network. That's right everybody, it's Bob Soci, Omar Nelson, and John Feinstein once again. Of course, how could we forget so soon after last year's Air Force win the famous pronouncement by the former Navy player Nelson; "If Navy wins the games it favored to win, they have a chance to finish over .500 and quite possibly have a chance at a winning season."
Brad's got nothing on Omar Nelson

I have also been reminded that Navy's CSTV games will be carried online for free again this season, so if your out of town (ala me and Stanford last year) be sure to visit Navysports.com and use that WI-Fi you've been paying for. Additionally, after Orson Swindle's recent interview with Paul Finebaum on his radio show, I'm putting my services out their for any sports show to give me a call.


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