Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Let the Prediciton's Begin!

GoMids.com has posted an incredibly early look into each game next year, predicting that the 2006 Navy Football team will end up with a 9-3 record. Pitch Right's own incredibly early game by game prediction won't come until another week, but In the meantime a closer inspection of the GoMids selections is in order...

  • GoMids has Navy beating East Carolina 28-17 In the first game of the year. No problem with the pick, I think Navy's experience and execution should trump ECU's defense, but I question the ability of our own defense to hold ECU to 17 points. ECU could very well be one of the top air-attack teams next year (granted against weak conference-USA defenses'), and our own defense still looks to be vulnerable in the secondary. Hopefully, ECU will continue their inability to to translate offensive success into points. Look for ECU to make a Bowl this year, and for Navy to squeak this one out.
  • Navy will absolutely destroy UMASS.
  • Stanford, Rutgers, and Tulsa. If Navy can pull out 2 of these games, we've really proved our place in the 30-50 range of NCAA teams. Rutgers may very well be this groups best team, but I see Navy turning up the intensity to win one at Home over the Scarlet Knights. I can't see Navy upending a VERY underrated Tulsa squad, but I think the team has a good shot to spoil Stanford's Home Opener.
  • Navy will get pounded by Notre dame as usual, but look towards 2007 as a window of (slight) opportunity.
  • UCONN, Air Force, WMU, Temple-Navy will drop one of these games, don't hold me to that, but both UCONN and Air Force look to be resurgent Mid-Major programs next year.

That's all for now, once again a greater preview next week so be sure to check back!

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