Friday, May 19, 2006

Future Victim: Temple

Part 1 of Our Preseason Opponents Rundown
It’s hard to say something nice about Temple’s Football program, because, well…it sucks (Nothing against the school mind you). That may be the reason I decided to make it the first part of the Season Preview. That being said, The Midshipmen will take the field against the Owls Nov. 18, a year after handing them a 38-17 loss.
Coach: Al Golden (1st year)
Record Last Year: 0-11
Best Player: Sr. S Chris Page
Reason to be scared: God, why don’t I just make something up. Even though the Owls were the worst team In Div-I football last year, they managed to actually be winning at halftime against Navy. The problem? If I remember correctly, it was short out routs to the WR with “the hair,” and an inability of Navy to establish the fullback early, which may be one of Temple’s only strengths. 325 pound NT Terrance Knighton gives new meaning to the old Sir-Mix-A lot Hit with his enormous size upfront and well endowed posterior. Offensivly, Temple returns a fairly experienced line including Elliott Seifert, and the talent of the team is not autrociouse. The development of new skill players could be a risk, and if the Owls can manage to get a QB they have two wideouts in Bruce Francis and Domerio Hamilton who could cause Navy some problems. Then there is always the new staff, lead by 1st year coach Al Golden, as well as the certain fact that Navy will have something to play for when this game roles around, and Temple won’t. Last year's schedule record may be deceiving, as this team played the 11th toughest schedule. Thsi year, as part of the MAC, they are bound to pick up a few wins. Hey that wasn't so hard, now let's remind oursleves that Temple was 0-11 last year.
I like Big Butts and I cannot lie

Reason to Be Happy: Temple sucks. I wish their was some other way I could put that, perhaps more eloquently, but hey it’s the internet. This was a team that had a top point total of 17 for the year. A new 3-4 defense of the Owls should be fun for Navy to run the option against, especially because Temple gave up an average of 45.3 points a game last year. The offense is still extremely unproductive, averaging under 10 points last year, and without a definite QB. Colin Clancy looks like he could get the nod, but has few skill players to work with. Temple may manage to score some points on the Mids defense, but Temple's own defense is in no position to stop the option. A secondary which was last in Division I could help Brian Hampton have a big day in the air, and with this game being platyed so late in the season, the Navy offense should be firing on all 4. Bottom line: How bad is Temple? A Google search manages to bring up more of Aztecs playing soccer then of the actual team. The Aztecs played soccer? My point exactly.
What In God's name are these women cheering for? P=Not bad
Wildcard: Aside from health and how these teams actually perform this year, Temple has a history of having players flunk out of classes (aka academic issues). Expect one of their skill players to be sitting by the time this one roles around.
Do Your Own Scouting Report: If your In the Mid-Atlantic, check out CN 8 on Sunday's.
Honestly, it’s May but Give us a Prediction: My infant godson could have called this one, and he can’t even say “football.” Navy destroyed Temple 45-17.

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