Monday, May 01, 2006

The Tim Dwight Effect

Disclaimer: Because of PC, don't blame the Navy for any of the following.

Every once and a while, there comes a player out of NCAA football who just makes you say "Holy Shit did he just do that."

Back in the Mid 90s, Iowa WR/RS Tim Dwight wowed fans across the country with his ability to make superhuman on the field moves and seemingly imitate Sonic the Hedgehog as he flashed passed defenders.

Tim Dwight wowed us. So did alot of other people. What made him so special? Well, quite simply, Dwight had sick-mad white guy speed. Here was a guy coming out of a college program that (to outsiders) represented a state in which cows outnumbered people. And although it wasn't PC to say it, Tim Dwight was the fastest white mutha we had ever seen step onto a football field.

Dwight did alright in the NFL, where he still plays today and is considered a dangerous return man. Another dangerous return man along the same lines as Dwight may just have been drafted the other day. Jeremy Bloom, the former skier and abercrombie and fitch (filth) went in the 5th round to the Eagles. Bloom, as you recall, was an outstanding RS for Colorado until the NCAA booted him out for his skiing endorsements. Already, Eagles fans are proclaiming Bloom the "Key" to their remarkably successfully draft. Bloom, who is 5-9, 173, runs the 40 in 4.39 (interestingly enough, the time is about the same as the much larger AJ Hawk) made some amazing kick returns during his time at Colorado.

While he has much to prove, Jeremy Bloom looks like he could use his amazingly sick-mad white guy speed to become a playmaker in the NFL. If nothing else, he reminded me of a player who could do some pretty amazing things on the field.

Admit it, You wish you could be Tim Dwight too


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