Sunday, April 02, 2006

Damnit We Suck

"We're not very good right now."
-Paul Johnson

Man I love that guys pessimism. The offense scored under Brian Hampton on its first three possessions, and even Super-K lead the offense to a score, and PJ is dowright pissed. Why?

"That's because the other side isn't very good"

Ah the defense. Yea, we got some work to do in that category. Coach Green, your response?

"Obviously, they were pretty good and we weren't very good. It was across the board - the As, the Bs and the Cs. We've got to play better, that's the bottom line."

Sounds good to me. Let's not forget what this defense is set out to do. When the team is designed around an offense which routinely puts up more then 30 points, Coach Green has been assigned with putting together a defense that "bends" but doesn't "break." Of course you don't want to bend at all, and that's the goal this year, but inevitably we have to fall back on the offense. Remember last year? For the first couple games their was almost zero pass-rush. Hopefully the experience of Chan and Tattersall will help to improve the push. Our linebackers have shown some good athleticism, but when put into space (which is required in Coach Green's zone) they fairly to move quickly enough to stop the better WRs and RBs. It will be interesting to see how the Defense takes shape. Of course, this could be a sign our offense is just incredible, but we all know Coach PJ wouldn't think so positively in April. But hey, when you got a football program like this with these people in place a lot is expected, and hopefully are defense can right itself in the next 6 month's for ECU.

Some more notable PJ quotes:

"We have a chance to be decent, but right now we're not very good."

"Kaipo [Super-K] helped himself some today in my eyes. He's clearly a better runner than the other guys there. He's got some speed"

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