Monday, April 17, 2006

ABC's of What I've Learned About Blogging

I've officially been blogging for about 3 month's now, and In such time have managed to account for roughly 1/2 of all hits on this site, earn 9 cents in google ads, and waste good portions of every day searching the College Football Blog scene for something worthwhile enough to talk about. In light of all this, I've managed to actually keep up posts for this thing, and have solidified this site as the first and only Navy Football Blog on the internet. So, in honor of my accomplishment, I'd like to share what I've learned in my blogging time in a format accessible to our elementary-minded piers.

ABC's of What I've Learned About Blogging

"A" is for Asshole. Which is a commonly used term to denote a bloger who's ideas are not in step with one's own.
"B" is for Be Original. There are about a million CF Blogs out there, what makes this one special?
"C" is for Cash. Blogs make major cash. I think our Earnings Report shows just how much positive cash flow goes through this site. By subscribing to Google AdSense I've made a full $0.09. After all, who wants to buy a playbook over the internet?
"D" is for Don't Post Personal Stuff. That's for Myspace.
"E" is for Every Day Should be Saturday. The guys with the jean shorts combine the perfect mix of humor and actual NCAA content. Now if they would only include us as a link...
"F" is for Fans. They are the one's who read the blog, so they're the people wcaterer our coverage for. Yea, not really.
"G" is for God. It just is.
"H" is for Hot Girl. If your post sucks and you don't think anyone will read it, post a picture of a hot girl.

That got you attention, didn't It?

"I" is for I Hate USC.
"J" is for Jarrod Bryant. I just wanted an excuse to post this:

"K" is for Kidding, I guess we bloggers a do a lot of that. I wasn't kidding about USC.
"L" is for Lingo. Learn It, Use It, be Cool. "L" is also for Link, as in click those google Links at the top of the page, Link this damn blog to you own, and have a link.
"M" is for Make a good post. This was the last letter I filled in.
"N" is for Notre Dame, who rules the world of CF Blogs. Mad respect for The House Rock Built for actually linking us. Mad Respect also for the Mad Respect shown to Navy every year.
"O" is for Outstanding, as In my football team is outstanding. In other words, keep the content of the blog optimistictic about your team as much as possible.
"P" is for Plural. I am only one guy writing this blog, yet doesn't it sound more enticing to take the opinion of a "we" or and "our"?
"Q" is for Quinn, Brady Quinn. Next year's Hiesman favorite and poster-child for love 'em or hate 'em Notre Dame (love 'em, just not against the Midshipmen mind you), his sister is also the subject of considerable debate in the "Hot Gircategoryory. (I personally stand on the "Not" side.)
"R" is for Ron Mexico and New Mexico (Hank Bosnia), who provide living proof that Virginia Tech has sent some real dumb football players through its halls.
"S" is for Stream of Conscience, a literary technique pioneered by James Joyce. If I took the time to write a full story actually about football, it would be boring. Plus, I don't think I could physically do that. Instead I write down whatever comes to my mind, wherever my thoughts take me.
"T" is for Twelve, the age used by readers to denote the maturity of certain bloggers.
"U" is for University, a reminder that the opinions and views expressed inevitably reflect upon the Naval Academy. I'll try not to embaress my country too much.
"V" is for Victory, as In winning, as in beating the other team, as in vanquishing the bad guys!

It's all about the V, Baby

"W" is for We Must ignite this Coach, which is just to nice of a spoof of the idiotic Maryland-based (WV Rival) Under-Armor Commercials.
"X" is for X's and O's, and not the kissy/huggy crap mind you. No I'm talking the real blueprints behind every play we cheer or jeer for on televisionsi or in our respected stadiums. As a blog, we really don't deal with any of that, unless on the off-chance we want to flaunt our knowledge of how a Postfeminist critic taught us about the 4-3.
"Y" is for YouTube, which allows us bloggers to keep you at our site while you watch stuff like this:

"Z" is for Zebra, like my man Ed-Hoc.

'Roid Free Since '83

Yes, I did have to sing the song to get all the letters in order, most peopleople do. I will be gone to Arizona until next week, and will miss the Spring Game on Friday Night. If anyone wants to send pics, video, writeup, whatever about it, don't hesitate to get in touch with me. Actually, don't hesitate to get in touch with me at all. One thing I've learned about this blog thing is A) get a partner and B) get feedback. Ok, that's two things, whatever though. Hit me up with any comments.

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