Saturday, April 08, 2006

Mid-Week Roundup

A transcript of PJ's comments after the scrimmage Saturday morning has been released, and for a change the defense seems to have risen to the occasion. The comments are preety self-explanitory, and the only thing really to note is that it looks like Super-K is moving closer to solidifying the #2 QB job. Of course, we could be totally wrong on that, but for now just keep your eye's out for the young man come April 21st.

The scrimmage on Saturday took place in heavy rain, which may very well have contributed the frequency of fumbles and botched Qb-Center exchanges. Defensively, David Mahoney seems to be playing like possible Defensive Captain for next year, adding seven tackles. Outside linebacker Keith Lisante and inside linebacker Clint Sovie stepped up as well. It will be interesting to see where Lisante ends up come East Carolina. A soon-to-be Junior who was fairly highly recruited out of high school (Louisville scholorship), we havn't seen him too much his first two seasons. Just one of those guy's to keep your eye on come April 21st.

The Capitol has published a great article on backup QB Jarrod Bryant and his father, who has cancer. This is a very good read, and just shows the kind of young men are football team is filled with.

The Sun, Baltimore's premier left-wing "mainstream" newspaper, has written a fine article on Brian Hampton. Nothing we havn't seen before, but worthy enough to check out nontheless.

Lastly, you can read a detailed Scrimmage report over at

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