Sunday, April 30, 2006

Some Random Thoughts on the NFL Draft: Part 1

  • If you listened to the Draft on the radio in the Baltimore area, you probably heard it from AM 1300 The Jock (Strap) and the Sports Guys or Idiot or whatever the hell they call themselves. These guys are horrible, and provided no meanignful commentary outside of the Ravens. Furthermore they're just obnoxious, and admittedly dumb.
  • Reggie Bush not going #1 was a shocker to everyone, but mostly to the ESPN draft "experts." For all the things going on with Bush, you have to admit he's a well spoken young man (much more then Vince Young) and an outstanding talent. I hope he comes clean about the House Issue, but I also wish him NFL success.
  • Did I mention Vince Young is dumb?
  • Since I'm a Bills fan, I'll detail my thoughts on their day. Not trading the #8 pick made very little sense. This is not a knock against Donte Whitner but rather just a questioning of the mindset of Marv Levy. I'm all for Conservativism, but by all accounts Whitner would have been available in the mid 1st round had the Bills chosen to trade with say, Denver. The fact that Matt Lienart was (amazingly) still on the board should have been incentive enough for other teams to trade up, and the cardinal got the best QB in the Draft at 10 for a steal. That being said, Whitner was probably the second best safety in the Draft, and I'm excited about his football mindset. I also loved the 3rd round pick for Ashton Youboty, who was to many a 1st rounder. The trade for John McCargo was interesting, but I'll hold off comment on that because I have never seen him play.

Ashton Youboty joins a growing list of Bills corners drafted out of THE Ohio State University

Accross the Internet today, the calls of a Bills Draft faliure and as "losers" continued. I had this to say on about the situation:

"The Bills, while playing a bit too conservativly, did not "bomb" the draft as some have suggested. By stealing Youboty in the #3rd round (Mel Kiper Jr. had him as a first rounder) they redeemed the early pick of Whitner. They didn't lose at all, they just missed a chance of being a "winner."
As for the real losers, look no further then the experts as ESPN. I think people are beginning to understand how dumb the "expert" opinions can be, and understanding that the draft is, in effect, a "crapshoot" in the words of Marv Levy."

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