Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Mid-Week Roundup

Apparently sophomore CB Greg Thrasher broke his leg Monday during Practice, and is reporting on his Myspace that he will be out 3-6 month's. Gerg is right now our projected nickelback, and with the timeframe should be available In time for East Carolina Opening Day. Last I heard he is still among the fastest players on the team. Heres hoping to a speedy recovery on his part.

Paul Johnson had another round of comments on practice from last week. Among them were more praise for sophomore QB Super-K. "He can make some plays. He makes guys miss him. He's hard to tackle. I thought Kaipo did some things today. He has some speed. He is clearly a little better runner than some of the other guys," said Johnson. Kaipo was able to work with the first team and clearly impressed, although Johnson still had platen of criticism for the other guys. Still, it looks as though Kaipo may make a run for the backup QB role behind Bryant and Goss. Word on the street (actually from PJ) is that Trey Hines "is back physically."
Combined with Campbell, Whittiker, Ballard, and Hampton, we should see a major improvement in terms of speed out of the backfield.

There is the distinct possibility Navy may play Eastern Michigan at Ford Field. Hopefully some of that Lions magic will rub off on EMU.

Lastly, there is a great report online about some comments PJ made at the Academy in terms of the team. I don't want to steal this guy's thunder, but I definitely recommend checking the report out.

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