Sunday, April 16, 2006

East Carolina Fans laying Down the Smack

In an unprecedented move, the tough talking fans of East Carolina have already predicted a rout of Navy, a full 4 1/2 month's before the season starts. Oh, It's On.

One fan predicted that ECU would triumph 56-21, stating proudly that "ECU has a answer for your triple option." Ah yes, so did Colorado State. Another fan pointed out that "three brand new JUCO LB's will have some say so there". One proud Pirate Fan (arg) exclaimed "I hate to break the news to you but your talent sucks, " to a Navy message board poster. Something tells me Coach Johnson will have something to say to that.

Now, I'm not going to go out on a limb this early in the season (hell this early in the PREASEASON), but can somebody tell me when ECU became a football powerhouse? ECU is an average, Mid Major program which nevertheless should present a challenge for the Mids. In all likelihood it will be a close game, but to say ECU will blow us out of the water (no pun intended) seems completely absurd. I hope the ECU fans do some research.

That being said I need to do some research. ECU went 5-6 last year and played some quality opponents tight (W. Virginia). They are lead by a number of veterans, and of course coach Skip Holtz. They however, are not of the Top 25 talent pool. I did manage to find a video of their "talent." It ain't watching game film with Coach PJ and the boy's, but its the best I could manage on

Notice how half the video is still images...

I realize it's April, and we are still several month's away until any of this talks actually means anything, but sometimes it's fun just to check in and see what some of our opponent's fans have to say about our program. Nevertheless, we're going gonna destroy these squashbuckler's. Keep in mind we are returning almost all of the pieces of the Nation's Number 1 Rushing Offense, averaging 432 yards a game total. Last year, your team has the Number 112 Rushing Defense! On defense, a veteran group is emerging behind the efforts of Rob Caldwell, the nation's second best returning tackler. But don't take my word for it, read for yourself.

The world hasn't seen such a disproportional naval engagement since the New York sunk the Love Boat.

Oh, by the way, nothing against ECU. I have several friends who attend the University, and haven't heard a bad word yet, just from friendly preseason smack. If your an ECU fan, hit my comment box, let's enlighten each other.

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