Saturday, April 15, 2006

Best. Website. Ever. (At least for today)

It's been a boring week. News on the Navy front has been slow moving, and the general onset of spring break, allergies, and thunderstorms has taken it's toll. Somewhere between all of this, I have taken to watching a new host of daytime television, not limited too, but including this lively British he said/she said domestic comedy.

Richard: Would fit in lovely with the College Football Blogsphere

To pass these long, boring spring days I have also taken to doing some endless scouting throughout the internet. Scouring the portals of blogs, message boards, and even the general "shit" of the sports world, I came upon an amazing website the other day while looking through the army message board.

Then College Football Chain Linker does for us what years of endless internet babble could never hope to achieve. It finally settles the questions of "my team is better then yours" when their was no Head-to-Head matchup of said two teams. case in point, let's use our beloved Midshipmen and a personally hated rival of mine: Cal.

Navy beat Air Force

who beat Washington

who beat Arizona

who beat Oregon St

who beat California

Hence, Navy beats Cal. Great stuff isn't it? Be sure to check out the site which In 2003 had a chain for an NAIA school to beat Co-National champs Southern Cal.

California...You Suck

Now, back to more daytime WB...

No, No, we watch for the Hot one

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