Sunday, April 23, 2006

How Good Are We? has posted a decent preview on the 2006 Navy Football team. While most of it is stuff we have already heard, there are some notables to look further into.

  • According to the article, the time for Navy is now, and they have the ability to win at least 10 games. While I agree the bar is high, at this moment I can't help but believe this team will come away with *only* 8 or 9 wins.
  • The Schedule. Again and again I have heard of how woeful our schedule is. However, looking at it more in-depth may show it's not as bad as some may imagine. Notre Dame, as predicted by the top folks, will likely be a Top 5 team. Rutgers is coming off of a stellar campaign and believe it or not could be the second-best team in the Big East, and likely will go to another Bowl this year. Stanford was 1:16 seconds away from topping Notre Dame last year and going to a Bowl in it's own right, and nearly pulled off several HUGE upsets in the Pac-10. Connecticut also went 5-6 last year, one win away from Bowling, as they did two seasons ago. Last year's team was young and inexperienced, and look for a possibly revitalized offense that could lead them to challenge Rutgers and Pitt near the top of the conference. East Carolina went 5-6 last year and nearly toppled West Virginia, and this years program in thinking Bowl all the way. And what about Tulsa? This team went 9-4 last year with a huge win over Fresno State in the Liberty Bowl. Qb Paul Smith, as only a sophomore, threw for nearly 3000 yards with 20 TDs and only 6 Ints. Finally, I need not remind the Navy fans how Army has improved, and while they probably will not win more then 5 games, they have certainly moved out of their bottom-status. And last but certainly not least, Air Force presents it's usual challenge. While a tough schedule will keep the Falcons out of a Bowl game, this team is good and very hungry to reclaim it's place atop the SA's. Conclusion: Navy doesn't play a bunch of cupcakes. We play decent and average Mid -major schools that provide for great entertainment and most importantly, reasonable chances to win.
  • Key Game: Rutgers? Our key game is still against Air Force, but I would also submit Stanford as one of the more important games. Hell who are we kidding, every game is important.
  • No Reggie Campbell on the "Ten Best players"? Are you kidding? Something tells me the author only tuned in for Army and Notre Dame last year.
  • Adam Ballard is listed as our best player overall. Many people may disagree, but for now I'm only going to say that he has the Best Potential of anyone on this team. Anyone who saw him rush in those final games last year can see he clearly has the power and better-then-Eckel speed. It's all about his technique from here.

There are also a very good Offensive breakdown and Defensive breakdown, as well as a well-researched Further Analysis. All in all, a very good read that should keep you busy for a while.

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