Thursday, March 30, 2006

Paul Johnson Comment: Predictable is Just Fine

Navy Head Coach Paul Johnson had some usually predictable things to say again yesterday. That's alright though, predictable is great when you really think about it. Predictable, my friends, is what keeps millions of Americans tuned into TV every night. Predictable is the steady stream of Sienfeld syndication over the past 8 years. Predictable is why we tune into this botched piece of National Security representation every week. Not because we like, not because it's realistic, and not because we think we have any chance of being In Delta Force someday (cue the EDSBS SEAL complex), but because in the end, we know were going to see the Allstate Man (aka Wayne Palmer President of the United States) shoot some bad guys. And when the rest of TV is clogged with lawyers, doctors, "real people", fake boobage (not complaining), and shows that make you spend your whole weak theorizing about like some wiereded out trekkie (thank you very much), seeing the bad guys getting taken down every week is a nice reminder this country rocks.

President Palmer (aka Allstate guy) unpredictable? Fine be me

Oh yea, what PJ actually said. Team worked hard, needs to prove itself, Captains will be voted on in coming weeks. Read the full thing.

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