Friday, September 01, 2006

Wow. Like, wow

Pardon me, but I'm still fighting off the excitement from last night. The Buffalo Bulls, a perennial bottom five team, just spanked the Temple owl's, a perennial bottom two team. In this battle of 117 vs. 118, this colossal struggle of heavyweights , it seemed only fit that the two teams fight it out in overtime. Sure enough, they did. And get this, Buffalo won! As a lifelong Bills fan, and someone who's entire extended family lives/has lived in Western New York, this was a good thing. As a Navy fan though who desperately needed Temple to at least win one friggin game this year for SoS reasons, this didn't please me. Nevertheless, here are some observations I made.

  • Temple's defense sucks. They don't tackle well, the linebackers are slow, the linemen are fat, and all they got going for them is that the University of Buffalo looks way too similar to the Buffalo Bills in the redzone.
  • Buffalo's got some athletes. QB Drew Willy has some nice moves and has an absolute cannon. Too bad this is the worst pass blocking offensive line I've ever seen.
  • Temple's offense looks almost exactly the same as last years. Short, underneath in-routes and play action to the tight end, very predictable stuff for an armchair defensive coordinator like me. I was screaming for the DBs to jump just one route, and when the dude finally listened to me, he dropped a sure interception for a touchdown return.
  • Temple can't tackle, except when they get their 700 hundred pound linemen to sit on people.
  • James Starks is either really fast or Temple defense is really slow or really tired.
  • Buffalo can't make a field goal. Images of Scott Norwood are brutally and painfully repressed inside of my soul.

It should be known that I viewed this game over the Miss. St/South Carolina game. Why watch two mediocre SEC teams play when you could just watch two God-awful teams play? I'm not the kind of fan who believes his team can beat anyone easily, but let's just say that after Temple lost last night, I'm not going to lose much sleep when it comes to Navy's showdown with the Owl's in November.

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A Liberal in Utah said...

That Temple, Buffalo game might be the worst game of the century. A terrible game that wasn't even because of great defensive effort. Neither team, on both sides of the ball, looked good. I could not imagine what it's like being a Temple fan right now! Knowing that your best chance for a win this season turned into a loss and that you're probably going winless for another year.

So much for that Golden Touch, eh?