Thursday, September 07, 2006

There is no Line for UMass

I've noticed a good number of incoming hits to this blog off searches for the spread for the UMass game on Saturday. Guys, there is no point spread when playing a Division 1-AA team. However, if you want one, I'll just give you my most reasonable guess. Navy is a 14 point favorite. There you have it.

Also, I've noticed that quite a few answers to the poll questions have been "Navy will lose to UMass." Are these Navy fans voting this way or just UMass fans coming over from the UMass Football Fanzone?

Roundtable Later in the Day, don't forget to check the FanHouse. That is All.


UMass74 said...

I only voted once. I promise!

saint0917 said...

I only voted once too, but I voted AFTER the game, "Navy wins by less then 7" does that still count? ;-) Nice blog Mr.A