Friday, September 01, 2006


Here are some more random observations from last night's games.

  • Toledo nearly showed the Nation it had the ability to opened a mid-level BCS team in Iowa State. The Cyclones, who arguably have the best skill position players in the Big 12 North, survived the scare 45-43 in triple overtime. If they wouldn't have waiting to pass the ball to Todd Blythe until overtime, I think all this pointless drama could have been avoided.
  • You're probably wondering how Navy's future opponents did last night? The short answer, quite well in fact (although I've already sicussed Temple) as UConn destroyed Rhode Island 52-7 and Tulsa beat Stephan F. Austin 45-7. I'll have more on this later.
  • Good to see Northwestern win in their first game back. Horrible to see Michael Wilbon in the jersey on PTI however.
  • New Mexico State won against SE Louisiana, keeping their National Title hopes alive.
  • Central Michigan will win the MAC this year after an impressive performance against Boston College. Mark my words.
  • Why does Steve Spurrier smile when he's mad?

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