Sunday, September 24, 2006

Navy Falls on Blocked PAT

To confine this game into those last few minutes would be a mistake however, and the reality is that the Mids let this one slip away right after their first possession of the second half. Navy's offense looked flat all day, conjuring up shades of the UMass game when a tentative Brian Hampton was just unable to get the job done. While moving the ball for 356 total yards, Hampton and the offense were unable to establish the option on the outside of the field, allowing an aggressive Tulsa defense to box them within the hash-marks. Furthermore, penalties at key moments in the game- including a holding call on a 4th quarter drive that broke into Tulsa territory- helped kill multiple Navy possessions. The execution wasn't there, the play calling was conservative, and once again it looked as though the Navy offense was playing not to lose, instead of playing to win. I know Paul Johnson is maintaining that there's nothing wrong with the offense, but after today's performance it certainly looks as though execution isn't the only problem. The option reads were poor, and at times the play-calling made me scratch my head. I mean what gives, I never scratch my head for Johnson's play-calling!?!

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