Tuesday, September 05, 2006

This Week's Top 25

Well, here it is. My poll for Week 2 of the College Football BlogPoll.


1Notre Dame--
2Ohio State--
3Southern Cal 1
4Texas 1
5Auburn 2
6Florida State 3
7Louisville 1
9Tennessee 17
11West Virginia--
12Nebraska 4
13Miami (Florida) 8
14Georgia 1
15Virginia Tech 1
16Michigan 1
17Oregon 9
18Louisiana State--
19Texas Tech 3
20Purdue 3
21Oklahoma 1
22Cal 10
23UCLA 3
24TCU 1
25Navy 4

Dropped Out: Arizona State (#15), Utah (#19), Boston College (#24).
Observations and Explanations
  • Notre Dame played the toughest team of any of the top five schools this weekend, and that's why I have them #1 again. Sorry Phil Steele fans, Arkansas was far from a Top 25 team when USC dismantled them. Ohio State had a decent win over NIU, while Texas pummled a helpless North Texas squad. For nothing else then having the balls to schedule a difficult team on the road in a trap game, I'm sticking with the Irish at #1 until they lose.
  • Because Arkansas is better then North Texas, I'm going to give USC the edge. Considering I hate USC this was not an easy decision.
  • Auburn and FSU move up after wins, although some more impressive then others. Just because FSU upended a highly ranked Miami team doesn't mean they will be contending for a national title, for for the time being I'll have them up there.
  • Louisville look awesome in their blowout of Kentucky, but the loss of Michael Bush puts them a spot down nonetheless. I still think they beat WVU though, considering the backups look very fast and very elusive.
  • Iowa, WVU, and Florida all won decent games against bad-decent teams. Thus they will stay in their positions and await further review.
  • I still don't know what to make of Tennessee. The View from Rocky Top must look pretty good, but something tells me Cal was just that bad, and that the Vols will have their share of disappointments again this year. Proving I'm a complete tool of ESPN, I have them at #9.
  • Why is Nebraska so high? To be perfectly honest I have no idea, but we'll see what happens.
  • Miami falls, despite putting on a strong defensive showing. Wright just lost whatever Heisman bid he might have had.
  • Georgia is at 14. Those wondering why can go visit Dawg Sports and have Kyle tell you why, because I'm still not sure if I get it.
  • Michigan looked sub-par against Vandy, and despite my particular dislike for the state and university of Oregon, I thought they posted an impressive win over a good Stanford team.
  • LSU dismantled a Sun Belt team. Sorry, but I can't move them up.
  • Purdue could have scored 100 points against Indiana State if Tiller let them. Watch out, this is a very potent offense.
  • Cal sucks, I don't know what else to say. Lee Corso proves that he knows very little about college football.
  • I dislike the Pac-10, but UCLA gets the nod with a win over Utah.
  • NAVY is at 25, dropping 3 spaces from my preseason sympathy vote. Don't badger me about how people like me are arrogant fans who have put Navy in a position where they don't belong. Last time I checked we beat a fairly talented East Carolina team and that college football blogging was for fun, so lighten up.
  • Why wasn't I able to plug in Montana State?

That is all.

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