Saturday, December 08, 2007

It's KN!

Ken Niumatalolo has been named Navy's next Head Coach.


Anonymous said...

I think he'll do a great job. He understand the Academy and what works there. I expect him to pick up right where PJ left off.

JD1726 said...

Coach Niumatalolo will be a great head coach! Just like any new job and the responsibility that goes along with it he will have some trials and difficulties he will need to overcome and I am sure with the help of his staff he will make things work! He is a good family man with high values and real concern for his players and the Brigade!
The one thing each of these players know they will face after graduation is a world full of change and suprises. Each and every day of their Academy life they are taught and trained to face changes and evaluate the proper course of action. This is football not combat! They will all adjust without a problem.
The best of wishes for PJ and his family in their new home at Georgia Tech.

footballdaddan said...

BZ to coach Niumatalolo ... and I wish him great things during his head coaching tenure @ Navy ---> Key factor for him will be how many of the "current" PJ assistant coaches decide to stay at Navy, ... and how well KN does at bringing in the "right coaches" to fill the voids. Hopefully not that many underclassmen (and NAPS)football players will "abandon ship" now that PJ chose to walk away from his contract with Navy Focus now is that Bowl Game.

Adam said...

Looks like Coach Jasper is staying now...

Good news if it's true. I expect most of the defensive staff to stay, although I think Coach Monken and Coach Bohannon are leaving. Anyone know anything about some of the staff guys with Woffard? We may want to look there for replacements.

T.J. said...

So I heard a lot of people say even before PJ left that KN was going to be the man to replace him if anything were to happen. What is it that makes KN the best qualified man for the job, more or less unanimously? What is his role with the players / offense like? I heard that he and IJ were well-liked but that's about as far as I know.

Anonymous said...

I like Coach Ken and think he has great potential. He has definitely shown his gratitude and humility. Now he needs to assume command. Post haste. A common thread of successful coaches is a certain confidence and decisiveness that gives them an air of being in complete control. May Coach Ken find this now. At this point, it is all about strong leadership and restoring (or keeping) the faith.

TBone1966 said...

As a ND Subway Alum I wish your team sucess with your new coach.
You played with great determination against ND.
Do well in your bowl game.

Gary said...

Thanks ND Guy!
Regardless of all the hoo-hah about Navy only caring about beating Army- I can tell you that the ND game has always been the most important for me and from what I see many other Navy fans and some players too.
They exuded more emotion this year than in any Army game I have seen in a long time.
For us (fans/players/academy) its a privilage to play ND every year-regardless of the W/L and I can only hope you can let us have a few more in the years to come.
After all Father Hesburgh did make the statement that "it would be good to have Navy wins some games once in awhile for the good of the series".
Truth be told I hope ND gets better and in the Top 25 again soon- a good ND team is good for all college football (no matter of the hate/jealousy/envy).
Its still THE greatest institution in college football-PERIOD!
Looking forward to next year in Baltimore.