Friday, December 07, 2007

How I Feel

Up to my head in exams. Computer broke last night, only days after the warranty expired. I was pissed this morning. Now I'm just freaking depressed.

Clint Sovie basically sums it up for me...

I should write something inspiring to attest to the legacy of the greatest college in college football, or at the very least a profanity laced post directed at the entire state of Georgia. But right now I just need to go kick some snow outside.

P.S.- You are all great fans.


Anonymous said...

In Johnson's comments to Bill Wagner he stated it would be "unfair" (both the Navy and GT) to coach in the bowl game. Why is that? Is there some unwritten rule that a coach can't coach as soon as they've signed another deal? I don't think it would hurt GT to have him coaching one last game for Navy. Furthermore, I think the players might prefer to have him coaching instead of someone they aren't entirely familiar with but I might be wrong there.

Any insight out there?

Mike said...

it isn't just one game. it's two weeks of practice and gameplanning when he needs to be working on recruiting and putting his staff together at tech. and one of the assistants will be the interim coach, so it isn't like the players won't know him.

Anonymous said...

Makes sense. Thanks.

nonnobis1 said...

Yep, he's already behind the 8-ball with his recruiting and contacts @ GT, lots to do before spring.

Kenny Niumatalolo would make an excellent HC. He certainly would be entertaining (I can see the headsets flying, a la Spurrier). My son has played for him since August 2004 and says that he is probably the most intense coach he has ever played for. From his days as a QB, to his first run at USNA, to his apprenticeships both at UNLY under the great John Robinson and of course at Navy...this could be Ken's moment. From the time he sat in our living room and recruited our son, we could see his passion and drive. Looking forward to seeing him coach in the bowl (assuming he does :-) ).

Gary said...

I was hit hard by the news in the first place ( a bit as I really was expecting GT to be the one) but what is tough is not coaching the last Bowl game.
It would have been nice to see the Mids run off the field with PJ on their shoulders (shame that never happened)knowing it was the end-but thats selfish on my part and the time is now for PJ to get on the GT recruiting trail.
But all points are noted and understood and its time to stand up and accept it and move forward.
I would think from what I see Coach N would be the best candidate to keep the success rolling.