Sunday, December 02, 2007

Army-Navy Post Game Coverage

Ok, here's the deal. As you know, Navy just won it's sixth consecutive game over the Black Knights of the Hudson yesterday afternoon, as the Midshipmen piled on 38 points and (this is the big part) held Army to an amazing three points in a defensive effort I think we can all agree was the best of the season. Also as you also know (probably far too well by now) a host of rumors swirl around Coach Johnson, specifically in regards to the Head Coaching position at SMU. I've got to level with you in that I have no idea what's going on right now in respect to these rumors, and probably won't until after this week. For this and other (ie. finals) reasons, I'm going to be blogging at the pace of a one-legged turtle for this week, and probably won't get around to any comprehensive coverage of the actual Army-Navy game. For this I apologize, although I swear one of these days (and by that I mean within the next two weeks) I'm going to bust out a post of pure literary merit and write something somewhat meaningful on the rivalry itself. In the meantime, here are all the Amy-Navy articles I've managed to find in the course of the many "snack breaks" I've taken between writing papers today. Blogging will resume (albeit at the aforementioned pace) on Tuesday.

Print Media

Campbell Leads The Way As Navy Routs Army (Bill Wagner, Annapolis Capital)
Army Antics, Chatter Irritate Mids (Bill Wagner, Annapolis Capital)
Campbell Directs Mids To Victory (Bill Wagner, Annapolis Capital)
Big Plays Vault Mids Past Rivals (Bill Wagner, Annapolis Capital)
Navy's D Rises to Occasion (Bob Hough, Annapolis Capital)
Navy Takes The Sixth (Ron Snyder, Baltimore Examiner)
Right In Step (Sandra McKee, Baltimore Sun)
Bullen Gets A Good Bounce (Sandra McKee, Baltimore Sun)
Campbell Commands Centers Stage For Navy (David Steele, Baltimore Sun)
Campbell Conducts Himself Perfectly (Christian Swezey, Washington Post)

Photo Galleries

Washington Post
Baltimore Sun


Gary said...

What was the deal with the complete lack of respect and class shown by this years Army team and coach?
Some of the things I read about them even in local NY papers showed a "sore loser" classless side that I never would think would have come from any Army team.
Whats up? I mean we took our 5 years of losses to them with respect and then rebuilt our program.
These guys seem to think Navy has gone to an Ivy league schedule (like Army had played before this year)and that if they played our schedule-it would be different.
You bet it would -they would have won 1-2 games tops.
I have lost alot of respect myself after reading quotes about what they would do to Ballard-by guaranteeing a win- and with overall chippy play that THEY initiated.
In addition some sore losing baby laid the best hit Army had all day on OUR MASCOT!
Lame and sad!

Melinda said...

What coach in his right mind calls Paul Johnson out by saying you have to have something else in addition to the option?? And guaranteeing a win. PJ doesn't need bulletin board material. But do you want to tick him off? Is that wise? Apparently word didn't filter back to PJ or that score would have been something like 80-3.

RE the rumors. I don't think he'll leave for SMU. That would be strange. I do think eventually he will leave Navy... but he's comfortable enough where he is to wait for the best opportunities. Part of me hates to see him go, yet would love to see him put the naysayers in their places about what he could or couldn't do at a BCS school.

Anonymous said...

here's a great pic of two up-and-comers:

football dad dan said...

Couldn't agree more with your comments about Army's bush-league "lack of class" leading into, and conduct during the course of the game. I guess that what you get with having an ex-NFL player as your head coach --> "Sportsmanship" plays 2nd fiddle to pulling out all stops to "gain a perceived psychological advantage"??? )o:
Especially got a good smile about your take on their schedule whining & the "hit" on the Navy mascot --> You are my hero! (o;


Adam said...

BTW, I almost forgot to congratulate you for your "shout-out" there on National television at the end of the game.

Gary said...

Thanks for your thoughts and you are my daddy (oopppsss that didnt souund right)!
Ok Ok its been a great year of banter so far (nad thnaks for being one of my supporters) and it will be tough to come up with something about Utah-but we are 9 1/2 underdogs already and I too sense a New Mexico game potential here as I am not sure how "up" Utah will be.
Now about our D?
Even if it was Army-they still did a good job and that cant help but incite them to perform good agaianst Utah too.

Gulp.....will it be a last hurrah as the GATech rumors swirl all over the place????

Really how could Army have turned into U of Miami when they NEVER had the guns to back up their mouths?

We had em at wide right......

Gary said...

Maybe it was me but did anyone else think that Reggies conducting went just a wee bit too far as some self grandiousing scene?
As if Army wasnt already seething at getting their 6th butt kicking with no hope in sight?
I thought he should have stayed on the field with the team-but thats my thought.

football dad dan said...

No one was more surprised than I when we finally got back home from Balmer, got settled in, ... and I had the chance to watch the CBS broadcast (had taped the game).
Not only did the CBS announcer erroneously "recall" me back into active duty, but he had also "promoted" me to a prestigious Navy command billet I of course never held??? Not exactly sure where that came from??? ---> I've caught plenty of flak from various friends/classmates in the past two days. (o;
Extremely glad that the "tactical situation" of the game in the 4th quarter allowed the coach to freely substitute in the subs, ... so most could get a "live taste" of playing Army-Navy. I'm especially happy for Troy Goss.


Adam said...

I agree. It was fun to watch the 3rd team offense, especially Troy. Everyone wants to talk abut Kaipo and Jarod all the time, but hats off to Troy. I've spoken with him a couple times over the past year, and never has he complained or said a negetive word about his situation.

Good to see Greg get a run in, and it was fun to see Kevin Campbell get some action as well. It should be a fun spring with the younger skill guys, who while untested, certainly have no shortage of talent.

I don’t think it was over the top. I think it was Captain Hamilton’s idea, and reggie’s usually so reserved it wasn’t as if he was doing it for the attention or anything. I think it was meant to be more of a tribute to Reggie as a person and a player.

Gary said...

Adam- As you said- if it were not acceptable behavior in the least I should have realized that Reggie could not have done it w/o the ok.

Hey is Dad a true Navy football celebrity?
I know he is someone special to us but cant make the connection especially if mentioned on CBS.
I just dont recall what was being said by the announcers at that time.
I too was touched to see Troy get some snaps at the end too.
It must have been ultra hard for him to maintain his positive attitude knowing how little playing time he got in his Navy career.

Hey how about that tough dedicated bull run by JB on that TD eh?