Monday, December 17, 2007

I Forgot to Mention- We're Playing a Bowl Game on Thursday

I will be live blogging this sucker starting a 1800 Thursday evening. Until them watch hockey and be a good American.


Eric said...

Yes, watch hockey and be a good American.

My Red Wings are doing pretty well so far :)

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Eric. The "choke-wings" will lose in the playoffs. Does any one know where to find Navy's 2008 football schedule?

Adam said...

Aug. 30 . . .Towson
Sept. 6 . . .at Ball State
Sept. 13 . . at Duke
Sept. 20 . . Rutgers
Sept. 27 . . at Wake Forest
Oct. 4 . . . at Air Force
Oct. 18 . . .Pittsburgh (Homecoming)
Oct. 25 . . .SMU
Nov. 1 . . . Temple
Nov. 15 . . .Notre Dame (Baltimore)
Nov. 22 . . .at Northern Illinois
Dec. 6 . . . Army (Philadelphia)

I had the oppertunity to see my Sabres when they were down here in D.C. on Friday night. Speed kills, tnhat's all i gotta say.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the schedule, Adam.

Gary said...

No reason not to expect a 10-11 win season next year and that includes payback to ROTgurs and 2in a row VS ND!

Eric said...

Yeah, I know, I was on Anaheim's bandwagon all year long.

I was still trying to figure out how the Wings got past San Jose last season. I was almost certain that the Sharks would win.