Thursday, July 06, 2006

Weekly Notes

I hope that everyone had a great holiday, and once more I hope everyone still has all their limbs in order after taking the drive up to your nearest "Fireworks are legal hyah" state. God Bless you for not buying those cheap ass can't-get-off-the-friggin'-ground sparklers they sell here in Maryland. In case you haven’t been paying attention to the football world in the past week, I've got a rundown on what's going on with Navy.

Navy released its list of the 51 commits to the program this past week. Left off the original list, but certainly not forgotten was Ryan Campbell of the infamous football factory they call the Hunn School. Campbell, at 6'3 225, has good speed (4.6 40 time) and was rated as a 3 star by Rivals. The main preseason for signing with Navy? As the incoming freshmen put it; "The main difference in the two was the location. Once you're out of West Point, there's really nothing to do. Annapolis is in a great location. Navy has also won three straight bowl games."

ECU fans continue to advocate the resurgence of their program, starting with a win over Navy on Sept. 2. I'm not even going to jump into this one anymore, as the Pirate fans have assured me that their pass-happy offense can, and will, have it's way with Navy's defense, and that their own rush defense (ranked in the bottom 10 last season) has solved Navy's Triple Option a full two months before the actual game. In related news the line for the game was just released, putting Navy as an 11.5 point favorite.

The Navy-Eastern Michigan game will be televised on "Comcast Local TV" on Nov. 11th. I have no idea what this means, so your guess is as good as mine. I would personally love to see this game on television though, as E. Michigan might be the worst team Navy plays all year, and it's always fun to watch a Triple Option blowout. In case you haven’t picked up your local Phil Steele magazine (and with only 250,000 in print I won't hold that against you), you may want to check out a very concise preview of E. Michigan hyah.

Jump into this one at your own discretion, as the Air Force forum debates/beats each other over the head over the strength of schedule in regards to both Air Force and Navy. Granted, Air Force plays a stronger schedule, but Navy has won the head to head matchup for the past 3 years. If your anyone who knows anything about football, you know that scheduling differences don't mean a thing if your team won the Head to Head. And just for clarification, Navy beat both of the Common Opponents (Colorado St. and Army, and by large numbers may I add) while Air Force loss to both of them.

Can you believe that how close we are? Only a month and a half until Boston College and Central Michigan kick off the 2006 college football season!

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