Sunday, July 30, 2006

A Sad Tale

The Annapolis Capital reports that Navy Coach Paul Johnson has not only confirmed the suspension of Karlos Whittaker from the Navy football team, but has also made it known that the talented sophomore running back has been separated from the Academy. Whittaker was originally suspended for an undisclosed infraction of team rules back on May 15th. Whittaker, at 5-11 195, established himself last year as a prime backfield threat, raking up 6 touchdowns and nearly 900 yards of total offense. An explosive back with good speed and strength, his advent into an everyday role looked to signify a new -breed of talent to this Navy team. Unfortunately the Freshman's season was cut short when he tore his ACL against Temple on Nov 19th, but was said to be rehabbing quite well in the off-season.

The Capital reports that he has yet to make plans on transferring, although it seems safe to assume his talents could easily fit into any number of Div 1 programs.

To add insult to injury, up and coming Junior CB Greg Thrasher will sit out the year to concentrate on Academics. Thrasher was expected to either start or backup Cornerback Jeremy McGowan, and be worked into more pass-oriented defenses'. He is most remembered, however unfortunate, for missing an easy 4th down tackle against Maryland which would have sealed the game.

On a lighter note, the first pre-autumn practice Depth Chart has been released.(HT PhatPhelix over at Aside from the absence of Thrasher, the only other oddity seems to be at Right tackle, where Andrew McGinn sits in front of Joe Person. Should be an interesting battle to follow in the upcoming weeks. Interestingly enough, Mr. Thrasher is still sporting his own achievments as a Navy football player. But hey, if I was a Div I football player I would too...

Only 29 days until Boston College kicks off at Central Michigan to start the season, and only 31 days until ECU drops their opener at Navy!

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