Monday, July 10, 2006

Media Guide Out

Read it here in PDF format


Jamie Mottram said...

Hey Pitch Right,

I'm the host of the Sports Bloggers Live radio show and am leading an effort that may involve Pitch Right. Here's the one-sentence overview ... AOL Sports is launching a massive College Football blog in August that will be updated dozens of times daily by dozens of bloggers, all of whom are paid to post.

After searching the blogosphere for the top College Football bloggers, we believe that Pitch Right is truly among the best, and would like you to be among this elite group of AOL sports bloggers, ideally as a contributor focusing on Navy Football. While you'd be posting on AOL just about every day, you would not be precluded from doing what it is you're already doing on Pitch Right. In fact, we encourage you to continue your non-AOL blog and use your AOL work to further build recognition for yourself and your site with other Navy fans and within the industry at-large.

Interested? Please contact Mike Diamond, our AOL Sports Blog Recruiter, via email ( phone (703-265-2543). He is happy to speak with you anytime, and we really hope you'll take part in this.

All the best,

Mr. A said...

I would be very interested in participating in AOL's efforts, and I went ahead and sent Mike an email about it. Look forward from hearing back from you folks, as again this sounds like a great opportunity.