Monday, July 17, 2006

Monday Walkthrough

The premier Notre Dame blog on the internet, The Blue-Gray Sky, has released a preview of the different Quarterback's Notre Dame will face this year. They expressed some uncertainty regarding Brian Hampton, as we all do, but seemed to believe that he shouldn't cause Notre Dame any major problems defensively. Also of note are the writeups on Air Force QB Shaun Carney and Army QB Dave Pevoto. has begun rating all 119 Div I-A teams, starting with the very worse in numbers 100-119. Notables, and by "Notables" I mean teams on Navy's schedule, include Temple (119), Army (111), and Eastern Michigan (103). Interesting that Duke was not listed, even though the Blue Devil's will likely finish with only i win (against I-AA Richmond) this season. It 0nly confirms the amount of talent Duke has, and why this could be a trap game for the Mids. In my opinion, Army is ranked too low at 111, as the Black Knights are better then the entire Sun Belt and the bottom half of the MAC and WAC. I would have put the Black Knights in that 85-95 range.

Utah Blog Block U, which is fast becoming one of my favorite blogs to visit, has written one of the best previews I've seen for the Mountain West Conference this season. Even if I don't agree with several of the teams' final records (for instance Air Force is listed as only winning 2 games, only 1 in-conference), the reasoning is solid and JazzyUte shows he knows the MWC better then most of the "big" bloggers around.

Orson has published his "12 Steps to getting through the Offseason." As usual, great stuff from the jean short guys.

For you lazy ass video game geeks (and include me in this category), NCAA '07 comes out this week. The top rated Navy players will be (and I have this from a reliable source, aka the strategy guide); Adam Ballard (93 overall), Tyler Tidwell (89 overall), and Jason Tomlinson (87 overall). The overall team rating is a "C". I can smell CFN all over this one for the player ratings, seeing as they absolutely love Ballard and Tidwell.

Posting will be spotty this week, although I plan to start a small scale preview for each conference later today/tomorrow. I will be in the wilderness of Wyoming starting next week, so I will likely be out of touch for several days. After that we will go headlong into summer practices, and I hope a number of you will be able to make it to Fan Day on August 2nd. In the meantime, I recommend checking back with The Blue-Gray Sky, EDSBS, and CollegeFootballNews.

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