Saturday, June 30, 2007

Phil Steele Website Updated

In addition to publishing one of, if not the best, preseason college football previews in the country, Phil Steele has recently branched out and created quite a website. While it had sat more or less untouched for a year, it has recently been updated, and not just with the usual sales promotions.

There are, in fact, many things to do over at, which has become one of my daily visits. Like his analysis or feel smothered by his cult like following of bloggers, one can't help but admire the sheer amount of college football coverage generated by the man, including the many free previews posted on his site. Mr. Steele recently uploaded his entire preview of the Colonial Athletic Conference in PDF format, and has added an entire section on injuries and transfers for the 2007 season (I like to call this the Rhett Bomar effect.) There is also a poll on the website asking which is the best college football rivalry, so feel free to stop by and vote for Army-Navy.

That is all.

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Gary said...

Of all the publications I have purchased for college football analysis - his is the absolute most informative and best of all!
Although his extremely low ranking of my beloved Mids at #75 is very perplexing??!
But that mistake aside his 2007 preview magazine is 328 pages of college football heaven.
I am sure his website is equally informative and another must for college football fanatics like myself to delve into even at this point of the year.