Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Few Updates

Some random points pertaining to the "look and feel" of this blog...

You can now access this blog from the domain I have no idea if this makes it more convenient to find this site or whatnot, but hopefully it gives this blog a more "official" designation.

I've also added some blogs that I've been reading more of to the blogroll, and removed a single blog that more or less annoys me. The blogs I've added are ProvoPride, The 12th Manchild, Conquest Chronicles, Card Chronicles, Boiled Sports, Rakes of Mallow, and Subway Domer. These are all good blogs which I've started to check on a weekly basis, and some of them have been good to this blog in the past so I'd reccomend checking them out. I also want to introduce some of you to Project119. These fellas are attempting to see every FBS stadium in the country, and they've let me know they will be touring Naval-Marine Corps Memorial very soon.

I've also taken down the "latest from the Fan House" feed that made me look like I was trying to relive my blogging glory days a little too much, and added some new pictures at the bottom just because I felt like it.

One of the only cool things you can do on the "New" Blogger is to add a video bar which displays YouTube videos by key words. I've added one with Navy football videos, so that's worth a perusal if you get a chance.

I may also add a "Best Of" link set for the best posts I've ever written on this blog. If you have any other suggestions please let me know, they're probably better than my own ideas, which are running on empty at this point.


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Brad said...

I appreciate the add. I haven't come across a Navy blog yet. I'll definitely throw you up on my list.