Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New Navy Website!

I'm very happy to report the addition of a new Navy Sports website to the Internet. The Bird Dog may be new to the blogsphere, but it's author, PhatPhelix, is certainly no stranger to Navy athletics. Not only has he been one of the most vocal supporters of Navy football on various message boards across the Internet, but his Navy football and lacrosse highlight videos have been seen by tens of thousands of viewers across the 'net. This is definitely one website you'll want to check out!


phelix said...

Thanks for the plug, Adam.

Gary said...

Its always good to have another Navy site and the man obviously knows so much more than just sports which makes the site not just interesting but something valuable for futire Mids and anyone who wants to see what these guys go through.
Before anyone talks smack about Navy football they should see what these kids go through just to get to gameday!
A warm welcome to the Birddog and another Navy sports & information site.
These are 2 great sites and a non miss for any Navy fan.
Come on Navy fans speak up and lets start hearing from you-you know you are out there!