Sunday, June 10, 2007

Blogger Buzz: 6/11

Alright, it's been awhile, but let's do this thing...

Our good friend Frank over at the UMass Football Blog continues into his third year of blogging while counting down the days until the FCS (I-AA) opener. Congratulations Frank!

Speaking of FCS blogs, The Paladin Walk, a Furman blog, asks the question "What makes a cupcake?" after learning his own beloved Furman Paladins have been named one of the premier cupcakes on the ACC slate. He also catches us up on what's going on with former MTV teen sensation Max Lerner, who stared on the first season of Two-A-Day's. [Insert Obligatory and poorly constructed Coach Pruitt quote]

Our favorite Mountain West blogger, JazzyUte, gives us "10 things you should know about college football" which, thank God, is in list form. He does a great job at highlighting exactly what makes the college game so special and so unique, and in my mind, so much better than the pro game. Want to know why college football is so much better? Turn on your TV right now and ESPN will be talking about Tank Johnson's suspension or Michael Vick's indictment. Go to your local newspaper store right now and Phil Steele will find a way to make your 1-10 Sun Belt team look like it's going to the National Championship game. If there is anything Jazzy left off his list, it would be flyovers at the Service Academy games, which are among the coolest things ever as far as I'm concerned.

Kyle has us covered with his "Top Five Non-Conference Games You Think Won't be Good...But Will" for the 2007 season. Which games made the top of the list? Well, you'll just have to stop by to see, although I will tell you that despite my suggestion of Rutgers-Navy, the week two showdown in Piscataway wasn't featured on the list. A shame, because something tells me that this one will be a lot more competitive than people think. Quote me on that, and just call it a blindly optimistic hunch.

If you haven't checked out the Fan House's coverage of college football in awhile, you may want to. Big 10 correspondent Bruce Ciskie fills us in on the Impact Players in the Big 10 for 2007, including a shout-out to our boy J Leman, who reminds us once again that he is more absolutely American than you.

Staying in-house with the Fan House, Brian Grummell gives a full report from the NCAA Track championship and says that college football players are dominating the events.

And last but not least, Jay from the Blue-Gray Sky begins the preseason previews by taking a look at the Irish's opponents in 2007 based on how many starters each team gets back. He does not seem too high on Navy, saying that "I'll be shocked if they win 9 games again." Fair enough, just as long as I get to break out this fine piece of blogsmenship again.

Well, that's all for now. If you want me to talk about your blog just let me know what's going on, I'll be sure to mention you.


Geno Church said...

Adam, thanks for the link. The Paladin Walk is still an infant. So please excuse my burps. Good Luck to the Mids this season. Always had a great deal of respect for Coach Johnson when he was at GSU.

Adam said...

No problem, I always enjoy reading about FCS teams. Keep up the good work.